Hveragerði in South Iceland

The Capital of Hot Springs!

Hveragerði and the nearest surrounding is a beautiful place with magnificent landscape. The town is positioned on an active volcanic zone. Earthquakes are frequent thanks to the tectonic movements that rumble below. On May 29th 2008, earthquake with a magnitude of 6,2 on the richter scale hit the town and a new geothermal area was created.

The town is famous for hot springs, great nature with fishing river running through the town,great food cooked with power from the earth and great outdoors possible.

And if you like unique nature,good food,and excellent accommodation.Then Hveragerði is the hottest town in Iceland.

Visit Hveragerði

Located 45 km from Reykjavik, Hveragerði may be seen from the vantage point of the mountain slope, as it spreads out across a 5,000 year-old lava field.

Throughout the year, pillars of steam from the numerous hot springs may be seen rising up out of the ground. In summer the town is truly a green community, abounding in trees. A green revolution is taking place where the locals are working together to further develop their blossoming town.